MaltaVIP Ltd works in Malta from 5-th of February, 2007 (registration certificate C46176). Started with individual inbound travel services, in a short time we found the interest of the touirsts in Maltese property market and established the strong partnership with the best and one of the oldest local agency.
Now our property database includes more than 7,000 pieces of property in different parts of Maltese archipelago.

When Maltese government anounced the very attractive proposals for foreigners who wants to reside and invest in Malta, such are Individual Investment Programme, Global Residence Programme, Residence and Visa Programme, etc., we were one of the first who startred to promote them.
Now we offer the full boutique-style services for people who would like to obtain Maltese citizenship or residence, working under the license IIP008 belonging to our long-term parnter, Mr Stephen Balzan.

In 2011, we had our first experience in publishing, created and distributed 'MaltaVIP Map and Guide' for the tourists coming to Malta.

Now, observing the significant increase of the number of Maltese travelers and being passionate travellers by ourselves, we decided to create 'Beyond the Island' - the first of its kind travel magazine in Malta. Except the stories about the most interesting places of our world from different travellers, the issue is full of usefull tips and practical advices helping travellers to get from their experience as much as possible. 

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Nowadays property market in Malta experiecend significant growth. More and more people from different parts of the world choosing Malta as their second home or buy houses and apartments in Malta and Gozo as a highly profibitable investment.

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